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Take action against Tories by hitting them in the wallet

People across the country will be taking part in a different kind of protest – on the day of the state opening of Parliament.

May 27 will be the first National Switch Off Day, when thousands of people have already pledged to stop using gas and electricity, and stop shopping in non-local shops for 24 hours.

Organised by a varied group of campaigners, this will be the first in a series of multi-issue actions that will take place once a month. Reasons for taking part range from keeping the NHS public and tackling issues like overpriced parking in hospitals, to stopping benefit cuts, to issues affecting vulnerable people and their carers such as the cold weather benefits to the elderly, to keeping the Human Rights Act, to stopping fracking – and mostly that all members of the general public get a voice in matters that concern them.’


Sunday, May 17, 2015

National Demonstration Against Austerity - Saturday 20th June 2015


A national demonstration against austerity has been organised by ‘The People’s Assembly Against Austerity’ to take place on Saturday 20th June in London.

End Austerity Now National Demonstration

Assemble 12pm outside the Bank of England (Queen Victoria Street, City of London.
Nearest tube station: Bank

7 reasons to demonstrate on the 20th June (from The People’s Assembly):

Reason 1 – The government plans £12 billion in welfare cuts targeting the poorest in society.

Take Action:

Organise a coach or transport to come to the demo on Saturday 20 June or join one already organised. Call the office for advise (hundreds of transport details are yet to be added to our list – please send us in the details asap so we can update). Contact details below.

Reason 2 – The new Tory disabilities minister opposed protecting benefits for disabled children and cancer patients

Take Action:

Organise a People’s Assembly meeting in your area to help build the national demonstration & organise activity locally. Contact the office and we’ll send a speaker.

Reason 3 – Michael Gove has been appointed justice secretary. In 1999, when he worked for the Times, he called for hanging to be brought back as a punishment. He’s also attempting to scrap the Human Rights Act.

Take Action:

Invite all your friends to the demonstration event page on facebook – over 53,000 people have already pledged to attend.

Reason 4 – Cameron is announcing new plans to target ‘extremists’ giving the government powers to target anyone they think is undermining ‘democracy’. This policy will be used to attack the Muslim community, and how long will it be before anti-austerity protesters get targeted too?

Take Action:

Set up leafleting or a stall on the weekends running up to the demo on your high street. Local People’s Assembly groups will be organising these across the country. If you can help let us know and we’ll put you in touch with people in your area. Order publicity here

Reason 5 – The new equalities secretary voted against gay marriage

Take Action:

Put up a poster advertising the demo in your window & put stickers in prominent places. Let make sure people can’t go anywhere without seeing the demonstration publicity! Order publicity here

Reason 6 – The new business secretary wants to make it harder for trade unions to take strike action.

Take Action:

Are you in a trade union? Get your branch to pass this motion of support and ask the union to send details to all members. Trade Unions are organising blocs for their members to march together on the day.

Reason 7 – The government plans to end social housing as we know it.

Take Action:

Volunteer! We need hundreds of people to help out in the next few weeks. If you can spare a few hours to help out in the office please get in touch.

Urgent appeal

This demonstration is more important than ever. It needs to be massive. We urgently need to raise funds to make sure we can reach as many people as possible.

We have launched an urgent appeal to all our supporters to make a donation. The more money we raise, the more coaches we can put on, meetings we can organise, leaflets we can print, and more people we can put on the streets.

No amount is too big or too small! Click here to donate

For more information and latest developments visit The People’s Assembly website or Facebook page. You can follow them on twitter here.

The ‘lost’ votes in the 2015 General Election


Hundreds of thousands of British citizens were left unable to vote around the world and across the UK after registering to vote by post.

Ex-pats from all over the world have complained that they did not receive their ballot papers in time to vote in the general election.

Speaking in the Independent, Brian Cave, 82, an expat in south-eastern France, has been compiling a dossier of evidence of the problem which he plans to send to the Electoral Commission. He said reports have come in that standard UK postage was used on ballot papers that arrived too late to be sent back by the close of voting at 10pm last night.

“I have received complaints from people about the non-reception of voting papers from as far apart as California, Massachusetts, Norway, France and Spain,” said Mr Cave, who runs a blog supporting the rights of Britons overseas.

He said: “If the numbers of voters who complain that they were unable to vote because of this management error exceed the margin by which the supposed ‘winner’ gained the seat, then the election should be declared void and rerun.”

Anne Casey, a Labour voter who lives in Saint Même les Carrières, Charente, France, belongs to a web forum of English-speaking women there. She said that around half of the 200 members she spoke to reported that they did not receive any papers despite being successfully registered.

“That means that 50 per cent of us who have bothered to do our civic duty have been denied our voice and our vote. Emmeline Pankhurst must be spinning in her grave,” she said. “I’m very angry.”


Saturday, May 16, 2015

Was the UK Election Rigged? 200,000 postal ballot forms went missing in South East

200,000 + Voting papers were reported missing from a van that was stolen in London bound for Hastings/Eastbourne, East Sussex, Then the Tories gain seats and the number of votes total the same amount of missing votes in 30+ of those seats, giving them the majority rule, it was rigged.

The election was rigged, as expected, claims this lady.  They used the postal vote system to rig the required seats.  She’s not that great on the details, but she sums up the notion pretty well.

More here...

Postal voting is ‘wide open to fraud’ and should be scrapped in its current form, a top judge warned last night.

Judge Richard Mawrey, who sits in judgment on election fraud cases, said ballot-rigging was now a ‘probability’ in some parts of Britain due to the extension of postal voting.

Mr Mawrey, a deputy high court judge, said the introduction of ‘on demand’ postal voting had failed to boost turnout. But he warned it had made Britain’s electoral system vulnerable to fraud on ‘an industrial scale’.

He told Radio 4’s File on 4 programme that in one case last year he had come across 14 different ways in which postal votes can be manipulated.

‘Postal voting on demand, however many safeguards you build into it, is wide open to fraud,’ he said.
‘It’s open to fraud on a scale that will make election rigging a possibility and indeed in some areas a probability.’

Mr Mawrey presided over a notorious 2004 ballot-rigging case in Birmingham which uncovered evidence of abuse he said would ‘disgrace a banana republic’.

Yesterday he added: ‘What has worried me about this for some time is the ease with which is it possible to commit postal vote fraud and the scale on which it can be committed.

‘In the past when you had personal voting, that is to say voting at polling stations, there was fraud but, frankly, it was minuscule. Postal voting on demand has enabled fraud to be carried out on what, in one case, I described as an industrial scale.


More reports of wrong doing;

Judge warns of Postal ballot fraud. Thousands of ex pats did not vote due to missing papers.

Nine polling stations in Kinson South and Kinson North had printing errors that meant people could not vote for the local seat.

Postal vote fraud in Pendle.

British Polling Council (BPC) launched an inquiry into the pollsters' accuracy

As many as 3,000 people have been affected by a delay in sending out their postal votes, many of whom may have lost out on their chance to vote.

Read more at:
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In Stoke on Trent, ballot boxes containing thousands of votes were found downstairs, specifically marked Stoke-on-Trent North but they were, in fact, from Hanford and Trentham, and the New Florence Estate. Postal votes had a number of discrepancies.

Postal votes in Tower Hamlets sent to derelict building.

Call for reform of voting system here,

Thirsk and Malton Ballot Box Infractions.

The arguments against the Human Rights Act are coming. They will be false

As Michael Gove prepares his attempt to repeal this fundamental act, here’s some myth-busting about what it is, and how it works

In the aftermath of the second world war, nations came together to say “never again”. They established the United Nations and agreed a simple set of universal standards of decency for mankind to cling to: the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. These standards were intended to protect the individual from the state, to uphold the rights of minorities and to provide support for the vulnerable.

The idea was simple; these standards would first be enshrined in regional treaties such as the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) and then be given legal effect in every country. In the UK this was achieved when Labour enacted the Human Rights Act (HRA) in 1998.

The incoming Tory government now intends to strip our people of these universal rights by repealing the HRA. Michael Gove has been appointed as the new justice secretary to lead the assault. In a week when we celebrate VE Day, the irony should not be lost. British politicians, many of them Tory, participated in the drafting of the ECHR in Whitehall because they believed that they were drafting an instrument to reflect the values that we in this country took for granted and which, they thought, vindicated our military triumph.

No doubt Gove will peddle the usual myth that the HRA is nothing more than a villains’ charter. But the evidence is against him on that. There has been no fundamental shift in defendants’ rights under the HRA, mainly because legislation passed by the Margaret Thatcher government in 1984 set out clear rights for suspects that have been successfully embedded in our law for many years.

By stark contrast, the HRA has heralded a new approach to the protection of the most vulnerable in our society, including child victims of trafficking, women subject to domestic and sexual violence, those with disabilities and victims of crime. After many years of struggling to be heard, these individuals now have not only a voice, but a right to be protected. The Tory plans to repeal the HRA, together with the restricted access to our courts already brought about by the restriction on judicial review introduced by Gove’s predecessor, Chris Grayling, will silence the vulnerable and leave great swaths of executive action unchecked and unaccountable...


Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Worst Of Margaret Thatcher Meets The Worst Of Tony Blair, We Need To Fight These Bastards Like Never Before

Reblogged from The Void:


When the richest 20% of people vote to attack the poorest 20% – a crude but not unfair summary of what just happened in the election – then any talk of democratic mandates or majorities is redundant.  What we are left with instead is human decency – do we want to live in a society where diabetics die because they cannot afford the electricity to chill their medicine?  Or where children are socially cleansed away from their schools, friends and families because neither benefits or wages are enough to pay soaring rents?

Do we want to live in a country where strikes are virtually banned, or where dissidents can be targetted by the full force of the state even when they have committed no crime?  And if anyone complains they will be smeared as thugs by the bullying right wing press and told they have no right to protest?  Are these the so-called British values that created the welfare state, won votes for women and the working class, or defeated Fascism both in Europe and on our own streets?

If the answers to these questions is no then there is really little choice left.  We need to fight these bastards like never before.  Parliamentary democracy has failed to curb the most repugnant excesses of the rich.  No political party is riding over the hill to save us, this went beyond labour vs tory a long time ago.  The fight for the soul of this disunited kingdom will now take place in the streets and workplaces, or wherever we can wedge a spanner in the works.  No-one can stand idly by now, not unless you want to see a country in which millions suffer poverty and those who object get a truncheon in the face.  Or a bullet depending on the colour of your skin.

We are witnessing the emergence of a government that seems intent on combining the worst of Margaret Thatcher’s ideological greed with the petty control-freakery of Tony Blair.  It is the worst of all political worlds, the ultimate neo-liberal triumph combined with an attempt to crush any last trace of dissent

But do not believe the fucking hype.  Most people did not vote Tory.  The working class vote for UKIP does not represent a significant rise in racism or bigotry – go to any working class area and see people of all races working and living together, fucking and loving each other.  That’s not to deny there is work to be done.  But you don’t see that in Surbiton or Chelsea.

For many who voted UKIP, and Green and SNP, their vote was for a plague on all their houses.  A vote that we have had enough of the rich run rampant and politicians that either couldn’t give a fuck about us or outright despise us.  This Government is as weak as any that has come before, they know it and they are terrified.  That is why they are shouting so loud.

What is now needed to be done will not be easy.  It will be frustrating and frightening, exhausting and even boring at times and we will need to keep coming back, over and over again.  It will mean protests that don’t ask for permission in advance, civil disobedience on a scale not yet seen, real strikes not flimsy one day gestures and a movement that is prepared to defend itself.  One that doesnt get drawn into lazy tabloid stereotypes of good and bad protesters, or distracted by careless graffiti, or even gives a flying fuck what the Daily Mail and the wealthy they serve thinks and says about us.

A diversity of tactics is vital, there is no pure method of achieving radical change.  We should work together where we can and part as friends when we cannot. We are all on the same side, they made sure of that centuries ago.  They started class war when they threw us off our land, forced our children into factories, sent our young to die in their wars and now want to strip away everything those returning heroes won for working class people.  It’s time we fought back like never before.  All of us, united, against the fucking rich.

There are upcoming protests in Glasgow, Peterborough, Manchester, Sheffield, Cardiff, Winchester, Newcastle, Leeds and many more to come – please feel free to leave details of upcoming events, protests or actions in the comments.

Class War and the National Coalition Against Fees and Cuts (NCAFC) have both called a protest in Central London on the day of the state opening of Parliament, May 27th – keep it free.

UK Uncut have called a day of action on Saturday May 30th, which coincides with a protest against scrapping the Human Right’s Act.

A massive demonstration wil be taking place in the City of London on the 20th June.

Please help spread the word about all events and let’s make them huge.

Paul Flynn MP: Mother Of Parliament Is A Dissolute Harlot Facing Certain Scandal!

Cameron faces Tory backbench rebellion over plans to scrap Human Rights Act

‘David Cameron is facing diplomatic isolation and his first backbench rebellion over plans to scrap the Human Rights Act and exempt the Government from implementing unfavourable European Court of Human Rights rulings.

Mr Cameron has made the abolition of Labour’s 1998 legislation a key part of his 100-day policy offensive and the measure is expected to be included in the Queen’s Speech later this month.

But the Prime Minister is already facing a revolt from a growing number of his backbenchers over the proposals with a former aide to the new Justice Secretary Michael Gove warning that they have less than a 5 per cent chance of being implemented.’

Read more: Cameron faces Tory backbench rebellion over plans to scrap the Human Rights Act

Manchester University anti-Tory protest: Students 'occupy' building in cuts demonstration

Occupy: Students have barricaded themselves in the University of Manchester building

Students have barricaded themselves inside a building at the University of Manchester in protest at government cuts.

The protesters are refusing to leave after occupying the Manchester Business School building.

A group called Free Education MCR have claimed they set up the occupation to make a stand against five more years of 'Tory cuts and privatisation' following last week's general election...

Live updates:

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

VIDEO:UK ANTI GOVERNMENT RIOTS - Riots in London Over Re-Election of David Cameron


UK ANTI GOVERNMENT RIOTS - Riots Erupt in London Over Re-Election of David Cameron

Protests have erupted in central London against the re-election of Britain's Conservative prime minister David Cameron, with demonstrators throwing bottles, cans and smoke bombs at riot police.

Scuffles broke out when the demonstrators, blaring hooters, banging pots and chanting obscenities, confronted lines of police outside the gate leading to the prime minister's Downing Street residence. At one point a bicycle was hurled at police.

Police arrested five people, and four police officers and one member of police staff were injured policing this protest, a Scotland Yard spokesman said.

A Reuters photographer estimated that a couple of hundred people took part in the protest, including a group of about 25 black-clad youths with sunglasses and face masks.

He said police briefly closed the central Whitehall Avenue to traffic but later reopened it and surrounded the last remaining group of several dozen protesters.

Mr Cameron, whose government has enacted tough spending cuts to bring down the budget deficit and promised more to come, won a second five-year term in Thursday's election with an outright majority in parliament. Some protesters claim the police response to the rally has been heavy handed. The crowds marched through the city to claim 'the system is broken'. The PM is right. We are on the brink something specially unpleasant for Bedroom Tax victims and anyone ­dependent on welfare payments to live. London Mass Action Against The Torys 09/05/14 #ONN #OLSX #ToryHQ #London ( @TheSilentAnon @OccupyNN Occupy Democracy - Parlament Square STRIKE MAG DAY 5 05/05/14 #NOAdJubilee #GE2015 #ONN #OLSX #London @TheSilentAnon @OccupyDemocracy @OccupyNN )

The UK already has a pretty awful reputation when it comes to surveillance, what with millions of CCTV cameras, DRIPA and two recent attempts to shove the Snooper’s Charter through Parliament without scrutiny. So perhaps it should come as no surprise to discover that UK police forces have created a giant facial recognition database that includes hundreds of thousands of innocent people: Police forces in England and Wales have uploaded up to 18 million “mugshots” to a facial recognition database — despite a court ruling it could be unlawful.

No non-trivial matching system is “100% reliable”: there are always false positives that make detection of criminals harder, not easier. There is a danger that the UK police will start using this supposed infallibility as an argument in itself: since our system never makes mistakes, if it says you are guilty, you must be guilty. And there is another important issue, articulated here by David Davis, a former Conservative minister: olice are to get powers to force internet firms to hand over details that could help identify suspected terrorists and london uk "united kingdom" british election protest riots "social media" society social unrest masses "we the people" 2015 2016 conservative "london city" force forces anger people humanity uniform power control prepare survival "gas mask" supplies "emergency supplies" prepper march collapse system matrix surveillance "great britain" security secure data england "london england" order law footage video entertainment news trends trendy viral "elite nwo agenda" people battle streets 10 downing street parliament 5th november guy fawkes anonymous march gun control defense self defense arrest bilderberg 2015 kettle live raw footage alex jones infowars demcad daboo77 rawdogletard jsnip4 coast to coast am lindsey williams pepper spray cops brutality gerald celente

The Anti-Terrorism and Security Bill will oblige internet service providers (ISPs) to retain information linking Internet Protocol (IP) addresses to individual users.

Home Secretary Theresa May said the measure would boost national security – but again complained that Liberal Democrats were blocking further steps.

“Loss of the capabilities on which we have always relied is the great danger we face,” Mrs May said. “The Bill provides the opportunity to resolve the very real problems that exist around IP resolution and is a step in the right direction towards bridging the overall communications data capability gap. A couple of weeks ago, we reported on a small but important defeat for the UK government when the Investigatory Powers Tribunal (IPT) ruled that intelligence sharing between the NSA and GCHQ was unlawful. Now, in a sign that the cracks in the UK’s impenetrable silence on its surveillance activities are beginning to spread, the Guardian reports on the following surprising development:

Cameron appoints anti-gay marriage MP as equalities minister

It seems this will be the “rub their faces in it” administration, with David Cameron going out of his way to cause offence. This opening paragraph from the Independent’s report doesn’t mention the culture minister who hates the BBC, or the fact that Iain Duncan Smith will be continuing his war of extermination against anybody unfortunate enough to have to claim state benefits.

Brace yourself, Britain! You voted these monsters into office – you have nobody but yourself to blame for what they do!


The Council Tax scandal

From Revd Paul Nicolson of Taxpayers Against Poverty

EVERY ONE SHOULD SEND A COPY OF "Council tax support;  the continuing story"…/ad9031f0-d982-428d-bf98-5418b74a8…


"Council Tax Support - the continuing story" was published by the Local Government Association in January 2015. They call on the new government to fully fund council tax support, acknowledging that the current scheme costs the councils millions of pounds and has increased the cost of living for some of the poorest..
They estimate that councils will have lost £1 billion over the three years since April 2013 when they dumped the whole of the 10% cut in central government funding of council tax benefit on benefit claimants by taxing their poverty incomes in work and unemployment.
Over three million late and non payers are still being summoned to the Magistrates courts in England and Wales every year thousands at a time, adding court costs while threatening the bailiffs and prison to residents who cannot pay the tax.
A council tax scandal.  

​Good wishes, 
PS I also strongly recommend a read of this important research from Harvard University USA.. As Ian Duncan Smith renews his reign at the DWP it is time for him to ask what is wrong with his perspective on poverty rather than base policies on the assumption that poverty is the fault of his poorest fellow citizens.
from the Rev Paul Nicolson​
Taxpayers Against Poverty
No British citizen without an affordable home and an adequate income in work or unemployment. 
93 Campbell Road, Tottenham, London N17 0BF, 0208 3765455, 07961 177889, 

Cameron appoints brother of paedophile activist to position of Culture Secretary

John Whittingdale arrives at 10 Downing Street as Britain’s re-elected Prime Minister David Cameron names his new cabinet, in central London, Britain, May 11, 2015. REUTERS/Stefan Wermuth
John Whittingdale

John Whittingdale, Leon Brittan, Jimmy Savile and Charles Napier - Read more...

Tories’ repeal of Human Rights Act will spark constitutional crisis, erode civil liberties – experts

‘Newly appointed Justice Secretary Michael Gove will push ahead with Conservative plans to repeal the Human Rights Act – a move experts warn could spark a constitutional crisis and blight Britain’s reputation on human rights worldwide.

Conservative Party sources, fresh from last week’s general election victory, told the Guardian the human rights reforms are imminent.

Civil liberty advocates warn the soon-to-be implemented measures would erode the right to life, the right to privacy, the right to a fair trial, the right to protest and the right to freedom from torture and discrimination.’

Read more: Tories’ repeal of Human Rights Act will spark constitutional crisis, erode civil liberties – experts

Priti Patel Appointed Minister Of Death At The DWP

‘Priti Patel, staunch supporter of the death penalty, will replace unemployed former Employment Minister Esther Mcvey it has been announced today. Patel has previously said that she supports the reintroduction of capital punishment as a ‘deterrence’, although she would not say whether she preferred hanging or electrocution. Wanting to bring back state executions is only half the story of her malevolent past however.

Prior to becoming an MP, she worked as a public relations advisor to British American Tobacco, where she was linked to the sinister ‘Project Sunrise’. This is believed to be part of the initiative established by cigarette firm Phillip Morris which aimed to create the “dawn of a new day” for the tobacco industry by smearing anti-smoking groups as extremist.’

Read more: Priti Patel Appointed Minister Of Death At The DWP

David Cameron – Proof That He has Been Bought And Paid For

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Rage Against Tories Hits Streets Within A Day Of Election Result

This is what policing by consent looks like.

Over 2000 people took to the streets yesterday as rage against continued austerity exploded in an unprecedented and largely spontaneous protest.

The day began with several hundred people answering the call on social media to gather outside the Tory Party Headquarters.  As the crowd swelled and the protest took to the streets hundreds more people joined the unofficial march and soon a defiant mob of over 2000 people brought Central London to a standstill.

The demonstrators thronged the streets from Trafalgar Square to Piccadilly Circus with a mobile sound system keeping spirits high.  Chants of ‘Tory Scum’ and ‘Tory Cunts’ were met with an enthusiastic welcome from many passing motorists, bus drivers and even tourists.  The crowd finally stopped outside the gates of Downing Street where a huge police presence had assembled to protect the heartland of state power.

As batons were drawn and riot police arrived scuffles broke out as an attempt was made to clear the streets of people.  A bungled attempt at kettling the demonstrators was thwarted leaving only around 100 people trapped inside police lines.  A tense stand off soon emerged as hundreds of coppers swarmed into Whitehall eventually pushing those outside the kettle down into Parliament Square.  17 people were arrested as police used a couple of minor injuries and some daft graffiti as a licence to throw their weight around but the truth is they were disorganised and taken by suprise and most people escaped unscathed.

This unauthorised protest was the fourth time recently that people in London have taken to the streets in huge numbers without asking anybody for official permission.  The recent March for the Homeless saw a crowd a thousand strong occupying roads and clashing with bailiffs in defence of London’s homeless people.  Then just two weeks later an anti-gentrification protest in Brixton led to the storming of Lambeth Town Hall, damage to a local Foxton’s Estate agent and a bold attack on the police station.  On Mayday hundreds of people out-manouvered the police and took to the streets for the lively Fuck Parade organised by Class War.  Each protest has been bigger, more boisterous and more diverse than the last.  Something really is stirring in the capital...


Did 200,000 stolen ballot papers swing 30 marginal seats?

HOW THE SCAM WORKED: Voters in Bournemouth were casting votes on the wrong ballot papers – or being told to 'come back later'. All nine polling stations in Kinson North and Kinson South were affected by a printing error on books of ballot papers. Meanwhile, in Hastings, 200,000 ballot papers were stolen - divided up, these would have been enough to swing at least 30 marginal seats. Hundreds of postal ballot papers were sent out without the names of the Green and Labour Par...
See More

Michael Gove will oversee plans to abolish Human Rights Act

Michael Gove, the UK's Justice Secretary with his friend Greville Janner and a boy

Michael Gove appointed Justice Secretary in David Cameron’s cabinet

Michael Gove is making a dramatic return to front-line political combat as David Cameron puts him in charge of Conservative plans to abolish the Human Rights Act.

In the latest moves in the Cabinet reshuffle, the Prime Minister appointed Mr Gove to the post of Justice Secretary and Lord Chancellor, which is set to be one of the highest profile positions in the new government.

Mr Gove was demoted to Conservative Chief Whip – a back-room role – last year after antagonising teachers with his radical reforms to schools during his time as Education Secretary.


Beware of Vulcans with goatees, and Tories making promises...

What the hell happened?

I woke up Friday morning hoping the exit polls were just speculation. In fact I was up at 5-30 remembering that was the time they announce the results for Wirral. That turned out to be the only real light (along with Farage) in this black night descending. The first voice I hear is the capitulating tones of Ed Miliband as Labour's rescue boat crashed onto the rocks with a great many casualties.

We are now looking at a Tory majority in the house of about 330 give or take. I suppose that isn't huge, but they have around 90 seats over Labour. As far as I can tell any vote where we need the opposition to win (in other words all of them) we are likely to lose - that is after all the point of having a majority.

This is shit. I have never been so scared in my life. I have spent the last two days in a daze, bereft. It's been a funeral for the soul where the only comfort is that I'm not alone. Yet now we are all more alone than ever before given what is likely at stake that I cannot even bring myself to mention. It's too much to consider what we stand to lose - and with very little political opposition as Labour are now looking to move even further into the Tory shadow. This will be confirmed if their choice for the next leader is someone like pro-capitalist Chuka Umuna.

It is clear that a combination of five years of toxic propaganda, lies and media manipulation has brought us to this point. The average Tory will not admit they voted for a party that supports the persecution of the poorest and the weakest - despite that being exactly what happened from 2010 (and I'm sure will again as Duncan Smith is hardly likely to shift post). They instead will point to how Cameron has led a recovery out of Labour-created doldrums and economic depravity. However there is and has never been any evidence that Labour were profligate, or that they spent all the money - despite Cameron desperately waving that note around. In fact that image says it all: a child waving around a lollipop stick with a funny joke, because that's all that note was. And anyone could have written it, but isntead the faithful saw the image of a piece of paper with some scrawl on it and a Parliamentary header and thought "yes, that's clear proof of Labour's financial incompetence", despite all evidence to the contrary. (hint: Paul Krugman wins nobel prizes for his knowledge of economics, David Cameron, to date, hasn't).

Unfortunately Labour comprehensively failed to get that fact across. Like startled rabbits, caught in the headlights, they found themselves suddenly unsure of where to go and what to say. For five years they floundered under a man who, to all intents and purposes may well have been a reasonable sort, but couldn't and wouldn't defend himself. A man without the charisma and presence and message necessary to counter the Tory onslaught which was backed up by enormous amounts of money (profligate, you might say) and enormous amounts of media...


Violence against London anti-Tory demo: This is not democracy


Many of you will be aware that a demonstration against the new Conservative government, here in the UK, took place in London yesterday.

Despite being an impromptu affair, organised extremely quickly after the outcome of the election became known on Friday morning, the protest attracted around 2,000 people at its height – along with the attention of the police.

According to eyewitnesses on Twitter, the cops kicked off and there were violent scenes at Downing Street – almost on the new Prime Minister’s doorstep.

Some commentators have been moved to ask, if this is the sort of scene we are seeing in the very first days of the new administration, what will our country be like after five years of it?

That is a very good question...


Election 2015: Fear triumphs over hope

David Gauke. He knows a lot about tax avoidance, does David.
David Gauke. He knows a lot about tax avoidance, does David.

Last Saturday in Berkhamsted market, Treasury minister David Gauke, my local Tory MP now safely re-elected, told me… that the Conservatives would be returned with a small working majority, writes David Hencke.

What appears to have happened is that  enough undecided people on the way to the polling station appear to have bought the idea that they had to keep the government in power  to ensure that the “recovery ” continued and probably thought  ” I am just about OK” not to risk a change… Both Labour and the Tories  said there would be more unspecified cuts.”

I suspect many people think these “cuts” won’t affect them – only welfare scroungers and immigrants. I  think they will be in for a very big shock because there is no way the books can be balanced without much wider reductions if not removal of services. Local government, social care, benefits for disabled people, all are likely to be hit and there is no need now for a government in power for the next five years to bother with higher pay rises for public sector workers. There will also be a bonanza for private  firms to take over the rest of the work of the state and fraught referendum on Europe and a resentful relationship between England and Scotland.


Iain Duncan Smith's Reign of Terror

Let me get one thing straight before I start. I'm about as able bodied as it is possible to get. Like most people I've suffered a few mental health problems of one kind or another during my life (depression, stress, social anxiety) but never badly enough that I needed long-term support, or that I couldn't recover from them. I'm not naive enough to imagine that severe health problems will never befall me (I could be paralysed in a car accident tomorrow for all I know), but as of now I'm a reasonably fit and healthy person.

I was severely disappointed when the Tories got back into power but not really all that surprised because I remember 1992, where millions of people lied that they were going to vote against the Tories but voted Tory on the day. What does it tell us that people lie to polling organisations and lie to their friends? It tells us that they're ashamed of what they've done.

One of the things that Tory voters have the most to be ashamed about is the fact that they have explicitly endorsed this government's shocking track record of mistreatment of the disabled. There are many potential explanations for why Tory voters might have decided to endorse such a campaign of economic deprivation and mental anguish against some of Britain's most vulnerable people.


'Pure evil' Bedroom Tax will hit one million more people as Tories launch 100-day welfare blitz

David Cameron will hit society's most vulnerable the hardest as he finally begins to identify his £12billion of welfare cuts

David Cameron stood in Downing Street to announce: “We are on the brink of something special.”

The PM is right. We are on the brink something specially unpleasant for Bedroom Tax victims and anyone ­dependent on welfare payments to live.

Former Labour London Mayor Ken Livingstone calls this special something “five more years of pure evil”.
Without the Lib Dems or a hung Parliament to constrain the Tories, they can now let rip against the poorest and most vulnerable.

Throughout the six-week election ­campaign Mr Cameron – branded the Sheriff of Nottingham by TV star Paul O’Grady over the hated Bedroom Tax – boasted of making £12billion of welfare cuts but would not reveal where the axe will fall.

To put that astronomical figure into perspective, it’s the equivalent of a burglar nicking £545 from every household in the land.

The Tories will be able to claw back £250million a year in housing benefit until 2020 by making a million more families pay the Bedroom Tax.

The number will rise 220,000 a year with victims paying an average £3,800 over the five-year term of this government...


Thatcher knew paedophile Tory’s sick secret but STILL secured him a knighthood

The former PM also recommended alleged abuser Leon Brittan and is claimed to have been aware of allegations about fellow knights Jimmy Savile and Cyril Smith

Margaret Thatcher, Peter Morrison (above), Leon Brittan (below)
Margaret Thatcher recommended Peter Morrison (top right) and Leon Brittan for knighthoods

‘Margaret Thatcher secured a knighthood for a top Tory depite being warned of claims that he had held sex parties with under-age boys.

Mrs Thatcher’s former police bodyguard says he passed on allegations about Peter Morrison to the Tory prime minister in 1986.

Former deputy party chairman Morrison is now widely suspected of being a child-sex pervert.

Just four years after the warning, Mrs Thatcher personally recommended Morrison for a knighthood.’


Protesters and police face off at Downing Street gates as hundreds rally against new Tory government

‘Hundreds of protesters took to the streets to express their anger about the new Tory government.

The anti-Conservative protesters, some holding placards reading “I pledge to resist” and “Stop the cuts”, took part in the rally organised just a day into the new Parlimament.

It is believed to have started outside Conservative headquarters, where just over 24 hours ago Mr Cameron gave a speech to party activists about their unexpected win.

Much of the protest was peaceful, with many attending calling for the introduction of proportional representation after the election results on Friday.’


Dozens of MPs expected to struggle finding work after being booted out by electorate

‘Dozens of former MPs who have been unexpectedly sacked by the electorate will struggle to find the kind of lucrative work available to their vanquished predecessors, according to recruitment experts and former Parliamentarians.

The seismic nature of the polls on 7 May, with Labour virtually wiped out in Scotland and Liberal Democrats losing all but eight seats from their 2010 line-up, means that many politicians who thought they had a job for life have found themselves scanning the employment pages.

Where once being a former MP was a credential that would guarantee employment on a company board, successive scandals, notably over expenses, mean that former membership of the House of Commons no longer carries the same cachet.’


UK Elections: The Real Lessons of the Tory Victory

‘There’s much that could be said about the Conservative party’s victory today in Britain’s election. Not least David Cameron has emerged stronger: he now has a small but absolute majority in parliament, compared to his last government, in which he had to share power, a little of it anyway, with his minor coalition partners, the Lib Dems.

According to the rules of the British system, he has won a supposed mandate to carry out all his party’s policies, even though the Tories gained the support of slightly less than 25% of the total electorate, and little more than a third of those who actually voted. That in itself should be enough to discredit the idea that Britain is a democracy in any meaningful sense...


EU & Scotland to turn Cameron’s second term into nightmare

Friday, May 8, 2015

How Ed Ball's austerity-lite agenda ruined Labour's election chances

One of the great joys of election night is watching particularly despised politicians getting their comeuppance. These occurrences have become known as "Portillo moments" in homage to the unseating of the the Tory Defence Secretary Michael Portillo in 1997.

Thanks to the SNP landslide in Scotland and the implosion of the Lib-Dem party, General Election night 2015 was full of "Portillo moments" including Danny Alexander (George Osborne's Lib-Dem sidekick for the last 5 years), Jim Murphy (the Blairite Scottish Labour leader), Vince Cable (the Lib-Dem who flogged off the Royal Mail on the cheap), Steve Webb (the Lib-Dem DWP minister who defended "Bedroom Tax" to the hilt), Douglas Alexander (A key Ed Miliband ally and adviser) and Ed Davey (the Lib-Dem energy minister with the incredibly flexible principles).

Despite all of these high profile oustings the biggest "Portillo moment" of the night belonged to the Labour Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer Ed Balls, who lost his Morley and Outwood seat to a Tory...


Anti-austerity = epic win / Austerity-lite = massive fail

Look, I can't really put it much more simply than this:
Nicola Sturgeon's unprecedented electoral success in Scotland was a result of her crafting a very clear anti-austerity, anti-Tory message, not the result of a sudden post-referendum rise in nationalism. As the sheer scale of the SNP victory became clear Nicola Sturgeon was very careful to reiterate that the number one priority of the now powerful block of SNP politicians in Westminster would be to oppose ideological austerity. I believe that she is sincere because to make bold assurances like that on election night, then not follow through on them, would severely damage her hard earned reputation as a straight-talking leader that the people of Scotland can really relate to.

Ed Miliband's catastrophic electoral failure in England was the result of an appallingly confused economic message. The Labour Party can only have themselves to blame. Instead of doing everything in their power to expose Tory ideological austerity as the outrageous and economically incoherent con that it is, they presented a hopelessly confused austerity-lite message. The lunacy of this austerity-lite strategy became absolutely clear in January 2015 when almost every single Labour MP obeyed the party whip and actually traipsed through parliament to ratify George Osborne's ideological austerity agenda!..

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Urgent – please share about Tory lies about the effects of austerity on suicide rates

The question of mental health under the previous government’s austerity policies has taken a vital new twist. Please find a new press open letter touching on this in Monday’s Guardian, here >>

In the accompanying newspaper report, we read that <<…A [Cons] party source added: “Every suicide is a tragedy, but the latest available data shows that the rate is now the same as in 2003 and has been relatively stable during successive governments in the intervening period.” >>

This rebuttal appears in today’s “i” newspaper – not available online >>


Having announced their £12 billion of welfare cuts nearly two years ago, any responsible government would have long since devised clear plans for implementing them (6 May). The Conservatives are also being equally disingenuous about the impact of their austerity policies on Britain’s suicide rate, having recently publicly denied that there has been any spike in the data. This denial flies in the face of all the empirical evidence. Extensive international epidemiological evidence shows a clear and consistent causal link between austerity policies and suicide rates. With the Conservatives returned to office and these cuts imposed, Britain’s suicide rate would soar to previously unheard-of levels.
Dr Richard House
Chartered Psychologist, Stroud; Alliance for Counselling and Psychotherapy

Could you please circulate this link and letter far and wide to all your contacts ASAP, and ask them all to do the same… – that way, we can maximise the extent to which voters know about this scandalous issue before voting today.

Thanks for your support on this crucial issue.

The Alliance for Counselling and Psychotherapy


Nick Clegg as a private schoolboy‎ Daily mail 27 April 2010.


Expect the UK's Liberal Democrats to do much better than expected in the UK General Election.

The Liberal Democrats are allegedly run by the security services.

Think of how Sir Cyril Smith and Jeremy Thorpe were 'protected'

UK Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg is the British Obama? asked The Guardian

Nick Clegg's job is to crush the anti-war and anti-nuclear parties, such as the Scottish nationalists?

His job is also to promote the European Union?

It looks as though UK Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg could be an asset of the security services.

Former Liberal Democrat leader Paddy Ashdown has admitted that he worked for Britain's MI6 security service.

Ashdown shakes hands with Powell


Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Benefit deaths: IDS lies while DWP evades

Denied benefit: This is the late Karen Sherlock. Her illnesses included chronic kidney disease, a heart condition, vitamin B12 deficiency, anaemia, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, underactive thyroid, asthma, diabetic autonomic neuropathy, gastropaeresis, and diabetic retinopathy. She died on June 8, 2012, of a suspected heart attack, after the Department for Work and Pensions stopped her Employment and Support Allowance.
Denied benefit: This is the late Karen Sherlock. Her illnesses included chronic kidney disease, a heart condition, vitamin B12 deficiency, anaemia, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, underactive thyroid, asthma, diabetic autonomic neuropathy, gastropaeresis, and diabetic retinopathy. She died on June 8, 2012, of a suspected heart attack, after the Department for Work and Pensions stopped her Employment and Support Allowance.

The Department for Work and Pensions has commented on this blog’s success in forcing it to reveal the number of Employment and Support Allowance claimants who have died between November 2011 and May 2014.

Readers of this blog will recall that the DWP had refused a Freedom of Information request, made in May last year, but the Information Commissioner’s Office upheld an appeal that used its own rules to demonstrate that the Department had been wrong in law.

The comment appeared in an excellent article by Ros Wynne-Jones of the Daily Mirror. She had contacted the DWP after receiving a press release on the subject from Vox Political – and we should be grateful to her for doing so. Comments to the mainstream media are invariably delivered much more quickly than responses to members of the public.

It is more interesting in what it does not say than it what it does. There is no reference to the fact that the DWP had been found to be wrongly applying the law; no suggestion that it will abide by the Information Commissioner’s ruling; in fact no reference to the Vox Political appeal at all.

Instead, we are told: “It is irresponsible to suggest a causal link between the death of an individual and their benefit claim. Mortality rates among people with serious health conditions are likely to be higher than those among the general population.

“We’ll respond to the Information Commissioner in due course.”

Irresponsible, is it?

There are several ways to disprove this...